martedì 31 marzo 2009

BEyond - my latest project in Rotterdam!!!

Sabrina Basten,
Stefano Calligaro,
Friederike Mainka,
Esmé Valk,
Irene van de Mheen,
Annegien van Doorn,
Sjoerd Westbroek,
a project by teresa iannotta
opening 26th march 2009, 19.00 hourDuende,tamboerstraat 9, Rotterdam
“As all the techniques have been discovered and all their combinationshave been experienced there's no border to define what exactly is asculpure, a performance, a video or a photograph. There's sculpturesthat would love to be drawings, drawings that would love to be videosand sometimes videos that would love to be paintings. In this sort of cracks I find the most interesting meanings of works, as if there wassome kind of unsatisfied tension in them, something that forces thespectator to look beyond. Works that need to be watched always oncemore to be understood a little bit, that underline with their physicalpresence the struggle between different techniquesand shapes.”
BEyond is supported by the italian funding program Movin' Up