lunedì 28 settembre 2009

teresa iannotta interviews annegien van doorn

I was asked by the italian website spruzz to interview one artist - my choice - for their new monthly entry about young curators.
I could choose and artist and ask him/her two questions, plus a small presentation, and I also had to answer one question myself.

It's been a really nice experience especially because I chose an artist that I love to work with! her name is annegien van doorn and she is a young dutch artist based in amsterdam. we've been collaborating in the past months and I already invited her for some new project I've been working on.

this is the link to read the interview:

scroll scroll scroll down for the english version!
and of course, check annegien's website:

martedì 22 settembre 2009

cruel beauty

the work that probably touched me most in Skopje was located in Cifte Amam, an amazing museum in the old city, in a small square with a fountain and a Mosque. the location was itself already spectacular but one of the works really attracted my attention.
it's the installation by german artist Nicolas Manenti, called "Angenageld". you can check some pics on the page dedicated to him in the BJCEM skopje website:

three real plants were pinned to the wall with white paper pins, leaf by leaf with a methodical and yet cruel attention. the beauty was astonishing and so it was the artificial aspect of the installation. It was as if their beauty and life was frozen there for ever. What can human hands make in terms of artfacts and modifications of what's already existing? How far can we push things to what we want them to become? I could spend hours in front of such works, they are able to talk to me more than many others (for sure more than all the other works in the room and in that location). This artwork was turning the natural state of things into something dreamy and cruel at the same time. I loved it.

martedì 8 settembre 2009

BJCEM 2009 - Skopje - 3/12 sept 2009

I came back yesterday night from a trip to Skopje as member of a delegation for the BJCEM biennal.

The experience itself has been disappointing in some cases - the organization was not always brilliant and the exhibition spaces were spread out in the city so that it became pretty hard in some moments to see the works AND participate to shows/performances/lectures.

Apart from this, I will use the next days to talk about some specific aspects of the biennal itself.

I especially wish to talk about some artists and the spaces used for the biennal.

so stay tuned!!!