mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

Sketch Matinée

last week end I was invited to join Stefano Calligaro in his trip to Duesseldorf for the first appointment of Sketch Matinée, a series of artists' presentations in the (amazing) space of Friederike Mainka's atelier.
the experience was definetly nice! you can see the blog of Sketch Matinée following this link, with some pictures of the works from Stefano Calligaro

the next presented artists will be:

Joung-En Huh - 19 july
Jeroen Kuster - 2 august
Maarten Janssen - 16 august
Burchhard Garlichs - 6 september
Friederike Mainka - 20 september
Irene van de Mheen - 4 october
Sonja Meyer - 18 october
Nicola Schrudde - 8 november
Dré Wapenar - 22 november
Petra Albrand - 6 december

you can find all the links and information on the blog.
I loved it because there was a very good atmosphere and finally everyone was taking their time to talk and discuss and this is not so common. The attention and curiosity of people were really amazing. And it's such a good way to spend a monday morning!
Good job!!

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